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Located in the heart of France, Vichy is a town ideally situated in the south of the country with convenient access to Paris and other European countries.  Positioned along the banks of the Allier River, Vichy is a countryside town with a modern infrastructure and an international reputation as a spa town, whose thermal springs were a result of volcanic activity in Vichy and in the surrounding area.


Bachelor Courses in English
Business and International Studies. Students normally register for a minimum of 24-30 ECTS units (12-15 credit hours).  For a summary of courses in the International Business with French program, refer to the brochure.  Course descriptions are also available.


Master Courses in English
Master-level students are not able to be accepted.


Language Courses
You are encouraged to enroll in a French language course.  Courses are available at several levels, including beginner.


The university is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Network of International Business Schools (NIBS).


During the first two weeks, you will take intensive French classes as well as be assisted with accommodation, bank accounts, and other practical issues.


Special Certificate/Diploma
Students who complete both the fall and spring semester (in either order) will be awarded the university’s diploma in International Business with French.


Some internships are available for students who can speak French.


Students with Disabilities
All facilities are accessible to those students with reduced mobility.  Examination conditions (e.g., special equipment, additional time) can be adapted to take into account specific disabilities.


Grades & Transcripts
The university uses the ECTS grading and credit system which consists of letter grades from “A” to “F,” with “E” being the minimum passing grade.


Transcripts are sent to you and to your home university once grades have been finalized.  For additional details on transfer of credits, please refer to the Student Guidebook.


Health Insurance
Exchange students are required to purchase basic national health insurance for approximately 180 EUR.  Students are also encouraged to purchase supplemental coverage for approximately 12-160 EUR, depending on the coverage.  If you can provide proof of sufficient health insurance (including repatriation) upon arrival, this requirement is waived.


No cost


Students studying in France for longer than three months are required to obtain a student visa prior to departure.  Additional information is available online.



Apartments, residence halls, or host families.  You can choose to live in furnished, individual studio apartments or shared flats; with host families; or in residence halls on or near campus, subject to availability.  The cost of housing varies from approximately 350-450 EUR per month, depending on the type.  You are entitled to a state housing aid of approximately 100 EUR per month if you attend for the entire academic year.


You can dine on campus or at various restaurants in Vichy, or you can prepare your own meals.


Fly into Paris and take a train to Vichy or fly into Clermont-Ferrand and take a train or shuttle to Vichy.  The university is a brief 10-minute walk from the train station.


Vichy is home to cinemas, museums, restaurants, sport parks, and touristic sites.  There are numerous social and sporting activities organized on campus; a mix of cultural events, celebrations, and affordable trips to places of interest are also available to students.  You can take advantage of water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing, in Vichy, and there are ski resorts within one hour of town.  Check out photos and videos of Vichy to learn more!


Typical French provincial shops are available.  Independent shops, small shopping centers, and larger supermarkets are available on the outskirts of town.


The area has a continental climate with considerable differences in winter and summer temperatures. Winter temperatures average 23-41ºF, while summer temperatures average 77-86ºF.  During winter, there is some snow in the surrounding countryside but little in town.