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The Magellan Exchange offers faculty members at Magellan partner institutions the opportunity for short-term professional development and research collaboration experiences through its faculty exchange program.  A further goal is to strengthen Magellan through sharing knowledge and encouraging greater student participation. Bring your experiences back to the classroom to encourage them to go abroad as well!


Exchanges of one to two weeks are recommended.  It is generally only possible to accommodate a longer exchange by coordinating visits to more than one location. A faculty member who is approved by the host school will receive accommodation and a suitable program for utilizing his/her expertise; the host institution does not provide a stipend.


To find the best fit, it is recommended that you review the courses taught in English to better determine what schools may be interested in accommodating your lecture topics.  In addition, you should consider the academic calendar of your preferred host institutions when making your request; participation at the very beginning or very end of a term, or between June and August, is typically not possible.


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If you are interested in applying for a faculty exchange, submit an application form and your CV at least 4-6 months in advance (it is sometimes possible to arrange faculty exchanges with less notice at some locations).


We will review your application to make a preliminary assessment of acceptability (e.g., do your selected dates fit with the semester dates of the selected hosts, are your lectures in line with the selected hosts’ offerings). We will then contact your preferred host institutions on your behalf and determine if they are able to approve your visit. Once a request is approved, you will be put in contact with the host institution so that you can communicate directly to finalize arrangements.

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