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Known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Finland is a country whose identity is closely linked to nature.  With a reputation for safety, design, scenery and outdoor sports, Finland is a hidden gem of the North just waiting to be discovered. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences offers courses in three cities in southwest Finland. Kankaanpää, a lively small center for trade and education, offers a peaceful countryside and beautiful scenery formed by lakes, rivers, forests, and fields.


Bachelor Courses in English
Fine Arts. There are typically several courses available for exchange students each semester. Studies usually available include painting, graphics, sculpture, and calligraphy, as well as video art, photography, snow sculpture, performance, community art, and cinema. Students taking a full load of courses register for 24-30 ECTS units of credit (12-15 credit hours). For more information, click here.


Third- and fourth-year students are preferred at all campuses. Lower-level students may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Master Courses in English

Master-level students are not able to be accepted.


Language Courses
None available


All international students are assigned a student tutor following the formal orientation program.  Detailed practical information is available online.


Not possible


Students with Disabilities
Generally, classrooms and accommodations are handicapped accessible at all SAMK locations.  Shopping and leisure activities are typically accessible as well.  Resources for students with learning disabilities are not available.  Students with disabilities should advise SAMK of any special needs as soon as the admissions process begins.


Grades & Transcripts
SAMK uses the Finnish 0 to 5 point grading system as follows:


K5 Kiitettava A Excellent
H4 Hyva B Very Good
H3 Hyva C Good
T2 Tyydyttava D Satisfactory
T1 Tyydyttava E Sufficient
I Hylatty F Fail


T1 is the minimum passing grade.  Transcripts will show the Finnish grade and the equivalent ECTS grade.  The International Office automatically sends an official transcript to your home university at no cost once the information is available.  For additional details on transfer of credits, please refer to the Student Guidebook.


Health Insurance
Health insurance is strongly recommended and should be purchased prior to arrival.


Typically no cost. (If a book is needed, it is usually 30-40 EUR each.)


Students planning to stay in Finland for more than three months must apply for a residence permit prior to entering Finland.



Single or shared dormitories.  The rent varies from approximately 400-600 EUR/month, according to the size, location, single/shared, and facilities. Generally, furnished housing includes kitchen facilities and private bath, with laundry facilities available.  Bed and bath linens are typically not provided, and dormitories do not have restaurants or meal service.  The total estimated cost, including transportation, leisure, and personal expenses, is approximately 500-720 EUR per month.


A campus restaurant offers snacks and lunch from 8:00 a.m. to late afternoon, with lunch costing 3-4 EUR.


The nearest airport is in Pori (POR), which requires a connection in Helsinki (HEL).  You may obtain better schedules and fares traveling via Stockholm or Copenhagen into Turku (TKU), which is 55 miles south.  There is frequent bus service to Pori and Turku with connections to points beyond.  When flying to Helsinki, you may want to take a train or bus to Kankaanpää.


There is no public transportation in Kankaanpää, but everything is easily reached on foot.


Most shopping and entertainment venues are in walking distance of student residences in Kankaanpää. Because of its size and location, leisure activities in Kankaanpää focus on nature, whether it is sports or the arts. Kankaanpää is famous for its Circle of Art, a collection of over 100 outdoor sculptures by both students at SAMK and professional artists from all over Europe. Warm weather sport activities include water sports; tennis and golf; riding and trekking; and berry and mushroom picking. Common winter sports are dog sledding, ice hockey, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and polar bear swimming. Student organizations also organize and host social events.



Shopping is centered around the main market square in Kankaanpää; there are no department stores but a weekly outdoor market is available as well as some larger stores.



Average temperatures in summer range from 55ºF to 85ºF, and summer is characterized by long days.  Winter temperatures range from 5ºF to 30ºF, with snow possible from November to April.  Winter brings shorter days but no periods of 24 hour “twilight.”