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The university, with a student population of about 5,500, is located in Anyang, about 20 kilometers/12 miles south of Seoul.  The city is a convenient transportation hub between Seoul and other major cities in the country and has a mixture of areas:  an older downtown, a shopping area with outdoor markets, and a more upscale area.  Anyang is one of the most populous cities in the country and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains.


Bachelor Courses in English

Liberal Arts.  Students must register for 12-18 credit hours, which represents 4-6 classes. You are required to enroll in the Leadership Discovery and Cross-Cultural Communication Practicum courses.  Course descriptions for the fall semester and spring semester are available.


NOTE: Placements are available for one-semester only.


Master Courses in English
Master-level students are not able to be accepted.


Language Courses
A basic Korean language course may be available, depending on a minimum of 10 enrolled students.


Anyang University is accredited by the Korean National Ministry of Education, Science & Technology.


A mandatory orientation program is offered for international students in the fall and spring semester, generally on Thursdays prior to the start of each semester.  For details, contact the Center for Global Education.  You will be paired with a buddy prior to arrival; this buddy will be a local student who will help you adjust to your new cultural experiences.


Not possible; however, the university can arrange student teaching practicums for ESL students.


Part-time Employment
Not possible


Students with Disabilities
Anyang University is not easily accessible for students with physical disabilities.


Grades & Transcripts

Anyang University uses a 4.5 letter grade point evaluation system.


Letter Grade Score Points
A+ 95-100 4.5
A 90-94 4.0
B+ 85-89 3.5
B 80-84 3.0
C+ 75-79 2.5
C 70-74 2.0
D+ 65-69 1.5
D 60-64 1.0
F 0-59 0


Transcripts are generally available three weeks after the semester concludes; you must request a copy of your transcript.  Transcripts are 1USD per copy, plus mailing fees, if necessary. Requests are usually processed in 24-48 hours. For details on the transfer of credits, please refer to the Student Guidebook.


Health Insurance
All international students must show proof of international health insurance.


Approximately 75,000 KRW per semester (approximately $70/55€).


Alien Registration Card
35,000 KRW (approximately $30/26€)


Exchange students studying in Korea must obtain a D-2 student visa. For more information, please contact the nearest Korean Consulate/Embassy.



Coed shared house (no single rooms available).  You will live in a pre-arranged, shared, furnished house near campus.  The cost for one semester of housing is 800,000 KRW (approximately $720/590€) and is due by the second week of the semester.


There is a student cafeteria (approximately $2 per meal) on campus, and near campus there are many choices for meals (from $3). The house has a kitchen, so cooking meals can help reduce the food budget.



Fly into Seoul.  Anyang is strategically located just outside the capital metropolitan area and can be reached with the mass transit system.  You will be able to use buses and rail to get around Anyang and the rest of the country throughout your stay.


Several festivals, including art and culture, occur annually in Anyang.  The city is also home to a sports complex which includes a soccer field, swimming pools, rock wall, and ice hall.  Nightlife, parks, movie theatres, restaurants, shopping, art, and activities on and off campus are abundant.  Seoul, the dynamic capital of South Korea, is located nearby, offering an intriguing mix of ancient and modern.


The city of Anyang has a shopping area with outdoor markets as well as a shopping mall, supermarkets, and department stores.


Generally, Anyang has a mild climate; the winters are dry and cold, while the summers are hot and humid.