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Maastricht was originally a Roman settlement known as Mosa Traiectum, founded in the time of Julius Caesar.  It was a strategic location because one could wade across the River Meuse ("Maas" in Dutch).  Over the centuries, Maastricht has been in the center of numerous power struggles as reflected by its city walls and subterranean fortifications.  The old center includes over 1,400 historic buildings and monuments.  The city played an important part of recent history; the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992 established the European Union. Today, industries in Maastricht include ceramics, glass, paper, and cement, but it is also an important convention site. 
Location:   Maastricht, The Netherlands

Population:  120,000

Language:  Dutch

Currency:  Euro (€)

Website:  www.zuyd.nl/study-at-zuyd/exchange