Student and Faculty Exchanges

Students and faculty members at member institutions may submit an online application for an exchange. Students may choose to participate for a semester, academic year, or summer, while one to three week exchanges are recommended for faculty. Participants must be approved by their home institution.

Students indicate three preferences for host school on their application, and every effort is made to place students at one of their desired locations.  Placements are typically confirmed within one to two weeks of the application deadline.  Host schools will then contact students with letters of acceptance, housing information, calendar dates and other useful information.

Coordinators and Institutional Representatives

Each member institution designates one or more coordinators responsible for publicizing the program, recruiting outbound students, and assisting inbound students. Coordinators are also responsible for communicating with The Magellan Exchange about how many incoming students will be welcomed each semester.  In addition, member institutions designate one institutional representative at the dean level or higher to participate in policy-making decisions, as requested.

Annual Conference

All member institutions are invited to an annual conference, usually held in early October in alternating locations.  Optional site visits to member institutions are usually scheduled before and/or after the meeting.


Students pay a nonrefundable application processing fee to The Magellan Exchange, which is currently $150 for semester and academic year exchanges and $75 for summer exchanges.  There is no application fee for faculty members who wish to participate in an exchange.