Membership in The Magellan Exchange consortium has a variety of benefits, as listed below.

Tuition Retention:
Students pay tuition and fees to their home institution. There is no loss of tuition income when your students participate and go abroad.

Courses in English and Courses for the Language Proficient: English is the common language of instruction among member institutions; therefore, students can take courses in English at any partner, or they can choose to take some or all of their courses in the host language, depending on their proficiency.

Cost Effective: By coordination of placement and parity, the cost for the participants and the institutions is kept as low as possible.

Relationships with Multiple Institutions: One agreement provides for instant partnerships with multiple institutions.   

Flexibility:  Membership provides for multi-lateral exchanges and allows for much more flexibility than bi-lateral agreements.

Control of the Number of Incoming Students:
No placements are made at a member institution without feedback from the coordinator indicating how many incoming students may be placed there. This ensures that no school receives more incoming students than they are interested in receiving.

Diversity in Classes:
The Magellan Exchange facilitates cultural diversity in classes with minimal investment of time or money by each member institution.

Faculty Exchanges: Short-term faculty exchanges are encouraged and facilitated.

Internships: The potential for internships is increased for all students.

Quick Placements: Placements are generally completed within 2 weeks of the application deadline.  Approximately 88% of students are placed at their first or second choice institution.

Direct Involvement in Policy Decisions: Institutions have direct input on the development of the program and recruitment of new members through participation at the annual conference.

Membership in a Group: There is strength in numbers; universities are part of a network that works together to promote international education.