Placement Policies

The decision to approve a student's participation is made by the student's home institution and Magellan coordinator.  After the student's application is approved, The Magellan Exchange recommends placement assignments, making every effort to place students in their preferred locations.

A student will not be placed until the application processing fee has been paid.  All students who apply and make payment by the stated deadlines will receive equal consideration.  Placements are not made prior to the stated deadlines (except in the case of summer programs when placements are made on a first come, first served basis).  Students who apply or make payment after the deadline will be given lower priority and only placed as space allows.  Except under unusual circumstances, the application processing fee is nonrefundable.

When demand exceeds available spaces at a host institution, placement decisions are made on the following basis:

  • overall academic performance
  • strength of host language fluency
  • location relevancy to career goals
  • other criteria, as appropriate