About Magellan

Thank you for your interest in The Magellan Exchange!  The Magellan Exchange provides students from member institutions with the opportunity to study and take part in an internship (in some cases) in another country at an affordable cost, while providing faculty members with an opportunity for short-term exchanges.

Participating in the student exchange program is the ideal way to learn about another culture and country. The future requires global knowledge and being at ease in other cultures, and this is the perfect opportunity to develop these skills. Student are fully immersed in the educational and social life of the host country, providing experiences they could never have any other way.

Faculty members are able to spend one to three weeks at an abroad institution, which fosters professional development and research collaboration, in addition to providing experiences which can be brought back home to the classroom.

I welcome your interest in The Magellan Exchange and encourage you to learn more about participating universities by exploring the website or by contacting me.

--Tori Patterson, Director