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HEC Management School-University of Liege

Liege is less than 35 miles from the borders of Germany and The Netherlands.  Inhabited by the Romans, modern-day Liege is well over 1,000 years old.  It is known as the Passionate City for its hearty welcoming nature and also as the Fiery City – it took Charles the Bold 6 weeks to burn the community to the ground in the 15th century.  Sitting at the crossroads of rivers, highways, and rail lines, Liege is well-connected to major cities in Western Europe and is the third largest river port in Europe.  Once a coal mining area, Liege is noted for its steel and weapons manufacture.  It is also a major commercial and convention city.
Location:   Liege, Belgium

Population:  200,000

Language:  French

Currency:  Euro (€)

Website: www.hec.ulg.ac.be/fr/international/incoming-students/exchange-students