Approving Applications

All students' participation in The Magellan Exchange must be approved by their home school.  Therefore, your students' applications will not be processed until you approve them.  To do so, please log in and then select "Application List."  Select your desired year, semester, and status, and then click "search."  The default view is "All Outgoing Students," which will show you applications from your students that are in any of the following statuses. 

"Pending" Incomplete applications
"Submitted" Completed applications which are ready for your approval
"Approved" Applications which you have already approved
"Placed" Applications which have been assigned to a host school by The Magellan Exchange

In addition, there are three other possible statuses:
Student has cancelled participation
An application which you have deemed unacceptable (e.g., failure to meet requirements, not a student in good standing)
An application which The Magellan Exchange has deemed unacceptable

To view applications in any of the above statuses, select the desired option within the "Status" drop-down, and click "search."
To view an application, click "view."  Your default view is the "Review Application" tab, though you may click to other tabs as you wish.  Before you can approve your student's application, you must complete the English language proficiency and academic evaluation section.  Your name automatically appears below this section; enter your password, and then click "Approve" or "Reject."  (If a student has incorrectly completed the application, you can click "Return to Student"; this will put the application back into pending status, allowing your student to make changes and then resubmit it.)  Your approval of the student's application indicates that the student has sufficient language competency, is a full-time student in good academic standing at your institution, and has met all requirements set forth by your institution.  Once you have successfully approved the application, the status will change to "Approved" (this is visible in the upper right hand corner of the "Review Application" tab).

Printing a List of Applicants
Log in, choose "Application List," and select the appropriate search criteria (semester, year and status). When your desired list appears, click "Export."  This will automatically create an Excel document for your use and manipulation.